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Journals and Magazines

  • Community Eye Health Journal
  • – addresses the elimination of avoidable blindness and focuses on countries where the burden of preventable blindness is greatest.
  • Archives of Ophthalmology – delivers a broad range of peer-reviewed clinical and laboratory science articles, clinical trials, reviews, and special features.
  • British Journal of Ophthalmology – an international peer-reviewed journal for ophthalmologists and visual science specialists. It provides major reviews and also publishes manuscripts covering regional issues in a global context.
  • Ophthalmology Review Journal – summaries of current papers outlining important advances in the literature.
  • Ophthalmology Times – brings together best-in-class content and tools from credible and trusted information sources and from a leading group of advisors, consultants, and key opinion leaders.
  • Eye World – the newsmagazine of the American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery.
  • OSN Supersite – a global information source for ophthalmology professionals that delivers reports on clinical issues, socioeconomic topics and industry developments.


Online Training courses

The following courses will expand your knowledge on a range of subjects related to public health and eye care. Most are free.

Unite for Sight – Global Health University

Free online webinars, online certificate programs, incl a Certificate in Community Eye Health (total cost is USD 65)

  • Global Health Course
  • Community Eye Health Course
  • Issues in Medical management
  • The Science of Global Health Delivery
  • Global Health Metrics
  • Social Entrepreneurship

World Bank – e-Institute

  • Health Outcomes and the Poor
  • Basics of Health Economics
  • Strengthening the Essential Public Health Functions (3 parts)

Johns Hopkins

  • Introduction to Health Policy
  • Fundamentals of Epidemiology
  • Training Methods and Continuing Education for Health Workers

Open 2 Study

  • Introduction to Nursing in Healthcare
  • Understanding Common Disease
  • Principles of Project Management


  • Epidemiology: The Basic Science of Public Health
  • Managing Risk for Development (based on a World Bank approach)
  • Health for All through Primary Health Care
  • Water Supply and Sanitation Policy in Developing Countries
  • An Introduction to Global Health

Canvas Network

  • International Health Systems

Global Health eLearning Centre

  • Fostering Change in Health Services
  • M&E Fundamentals
  • Data Quality
  • Health Communication for Managers


  • Health and Society – an introduction to the major social variables that affect population health
  • An Introduction to Global Health
  • Improving Global Health: Focusing on Quality and Safety

Future Health Systems

  • Health Systems