Effective advocacy and efforts to secure the support of national governments and decision-makers is critical for Universal Eye Health. Advocacy is not a specialist art. All of us have the potential to become powerful advocates. Good advocacy requires clarity of purpose, cooperation, thorough preparation and creativity.

There is not one way to do advocacy – there are many different approaches. In the Western Pacific, every advocacy issue, context and target is different. For that reason each advocacy campaign and project should be different too, and should be developed based on an assessment of needs, strengths, weaknesses and gaps and opportunities in policy.

But, where to start? Here are some guides to help in your advocacy journey.

A detailed guide and toolkit was produced by IAPB, with support from Sightsavers, which includes case studies, tools, exercises, tips and examples that can be used in advocacy for Universal Eye Health.

In 2013, IAPB and Vision 2020 Australia collaborated to produce advocacy guides for:





Solomon Islands

Accessible versions of the documents are available on this page.